PURPLE-X: Self-titled: LP/CD

Just as bands like Das Drip and Brain F≠ offer a less than conventional take on hardcore, Purple-X likes to twist that genre around a bit to bring something slightly different to the table. This is the first album to come from the Norwegian quartet following one 7” and a demo tape, and it’s easy to hear the progression both in ability and songwriting as time has progressed. Musically, the rhythm section leads the way allowing the guitar to add an often surf-like, haunting quality to proceedings. Songs are short but make their mark and it’s music which demands attention to take on board all that is going on. I must point out that the track “Sister” sounds at times like it’s a speeded-up Night Birds. An excellent song and as debut albums go, this is a killer one. –Rich Cocksedge (Sheep Chase, [email protected], sheepchaserecords.com)