PUNKS AROUND #7, $3, 5½” x 8½”, 36 pgs.

Sep 27, 2019

This issue of a Massachusetts-based zine is female-centric, subtitled “The Girl’s Room,” and it’s edited by usual contributor Liz Hafey. Included in the issue is writing on neuroscience and interviews with a Boston area zine, and skate polymath Mona/Moma Magi about female spaces and the power that is the privilege/freedom to occasionally fail. It also includes an interview with Providence area scene supporter Mary about what it takes to hold together and build up a punk scene, particularly from a woman’s perspective. There is also a detailed anonymous submission about the challenges with sexism facing a female musician—especially a solo one—even within the punk scene. This essay works almost as a companion piece with the following contribution from Lyds about the more holistically ingrained sexism and reluctance to address it in various punk scenes, even from an international perspective (she’s writing about Greece, but spent time in the U.S. contributing to Maximum Rocknroll). These sexism issues sadly seem to be pretty consistent through the years, so hopefully shedding light on them helps to continually erode their hold on punk and society in general. My personal favorite parts of the issue though are the wild Russian tour story from Jenny Woo and the great Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired tour story from Doris of C.H.E.W. Luckily no one in the band was barbequed, but sometimes situations can start to mirror the movies in ways that are just a little too eerie. All in all, this issue is a good read. –Adrian Salas (Alexander Herbert, 10 Mathewson Ave., Attleboro, MA 02703)