PUNKS AROUND #6: ARMAGEDDON!, 5½” x 8”, 36 pgs.

Aug 05, 2019

Punks Around is Herbert’s ongoing series of zines by various authors cataloging obscure moments in scene history, his largely focusing on Russian punk, a few on North Dakota punk, and one on the role of the girls’ room as a place of sanctuary in punk. This one is, as it says on the cover, “A full issue dedicated to Rhode Island and Boston’s favorite punk and metal record shop (at least ours).” This zine is steeped in the kind of nostalgia that makes me want to tell the folks writing to either 1) make the feeling they’re longing for happen, or 2) let the kids have a little fun. Sometimes scene history is like this—a mourning for bygone days without respect for the contemporary. Of course punk changes, and scenes change, people and places come and go, but at the heart is the attitude and will that places like the Armageddon record store that is the focus of this zine exemplify, and that’s not gone, it’s just shifted. The kids are just fine, and punk is too. That being said, the highlight of this zine is the interview with the founder of Armageddon. That kind of dedication and work never go out of style. –jimmy cooper (punksaround.bigcartel.com or [email protected])