PUNKS AROUND #2: MUTANT MANIAC, $3, 4” x 7”, copied, 38 pgs.

Apr 10, 2019

The four stories that comprise Mutant Maniac are written by Justin Maurer, whom you might know from his band, Clorox Girls. One story takes place in high school when he was forced to deal with skinheads at a show, another looks at the time he played in Mexico with Clorox Girls. Justin also had to deal with a felony charge that was the result of exposing himself on stage. The last story is about the beauty of being on tour in Italy. He does a wonderful job of putting the reader in the scene, wherever the locale. I found his writing lively and engaging. It’s a shame there aren’t more stories here. I would certainly read an entire book of his tales from the road. –Kurt Morris (Microcosm, 2752 N. Williams Ave., Portland, OR 97227)