PUNKS AROUND #13, $5 or trade, 5½” x 8”, printed, 36 pgs.

Mar 17, 2021

I had my own personal reservations when I received this issue of Punks Around: a fanzine anthology for interviews, creative writing, and art with every issue under a different theme. My reasons? The issue’s theme was on straight edge. I was pleasantly surprised that the interviews and experiences of the contributors mimicked my own views and past with this ideology and personal lifestyle. Contributors shared what drove them to the choice of claiming “edge” and whether they still remain straight edge to this day, or if not, why they left. Many of the interviews touched on the militant and sometimes exclusionary behaviors of the straight edge scene, and how they could see how it could alienate people from joining, even themselves. A lot of the interviews were with older contributors who over time eased up on their judgments of non-straight edge friends, their age softening their attitudes while maintaining their sober lifestyle. A great issue if you’ve ever been interested in learning about straight edge, thought about sobering up, or if you just wanted to read the five pages of horror movie reviews in the middle of the issue (which was honestly a nice breather between every mention of hardcore music or Minor Threat). –Tricia Ramos (Punks Around, [email protected], IG: @punksaround)