PUNKEMON: Gotta Rock ‘Em All!: 7”EP

Jul 25, 2018

What friends have to say about this EP: “I stole my brother’s credit card in 2000 to buy the MP3,” “All the collectors catch them all!” –Kendra K; and, “The cover art is so bad I can’t bring myself to own it.” –Bobby M. So what turns out to be something I was convinced I’d hate, I actually don’t, like, not at all. Punkemon was the brainchild of Dr. Frank (Mr. T-Experience), Chris Appelgren (Lookout!/the PeeChees/Bumblescrump), Chris Imlay (the Hi-Fives), and Mel Bergman (Phantom Surfers), recorded in ‘99, which begs the question of who is on Farfisa (all? none?). Apparently, these songs have only been available as an MP3, but are now offered for the first time on bubblegum pink and lavender vinyl twenty years later, which adds to the absurdity of it all. Both “Lickitung” and “Pocket Monsters” are undeniably catchy and fun. Regardless of how much you utterly want to hate it going into it, these will win you over. Lyrics are stupid, but the melodies and hooks are just solid. The cover art is over-the-top—a pink and purple punk Pokémon rocking out—it’s one of the most terrible things I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Also, disclaimer: I hate Pokémon. I kind of hate myself for loving this. –Camylle Reynolds (Sounds Rad)