PULLING/TEETH: A SELF-PORTRAIT, $10-$25 sliding scale, 8¼” x 10½”, glossy full-color print, 24 pgs.

Jan 26, 2021

Pulling/teeth collects lush, surreal photocopied collages (in full size and color!) by a Minneapolis homie, for the most part made in quarantine, riffing directly off innovative classic punk aesthetics—like the iconic cover of Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death and Crass’s less politically blunt imagery—but more frenetic and intimate. Each accompanied by no more than a date, a title, and a one-sentence description—more akin to an extra layer of symbolism to contemplate—these images need no explanation (and by the way, they’re printed in full size and color). Subtitled “a self-portrait,” pulling/teeth captures one attitude—fierce and resilient, if cryptic—and moment in the midst of the collective grief we’re all going through, or rather, series of moments. Even the black-and-white collages are rich and compelling; no set narrative, all dreamy contemplation. A few flyers collected at the end, some cancelled, one of the last shows I remember going to pre-pandemic, make me obscenely nostalgic (and, not gonna lie, make me resent how many people half-ass their flyers in the internet era). Also, half the proceeds go to Food Share, a group that’s been feeding people five days a week in South Minneapolis for a long-ass time. –jimmy cooper (Caitlin Angelica, [email protected], instagram @caitangelica)