Mar 20, 2018

Psycotic Pineapple—a late 1970s garage punk band from the Berkeley area—only recorded one studio album, but memories of the players rotating and switching instruments onstage mid-set lived on with their fans. A series of intricate drawings rendered by bassist John C. Berry (spelled Seabury elsewhere) chronicling the wild antics of a fame-hungry and (dare I say) psychotic pineapple named Pynoman appeared on the band’s show flyers and album artwork. In addition to the core lineup, shows often featured violinists, saxophonists, and other unexpected elements to amass a full, energetic, and innovative sound for its time. Hit up YouTube for a documentary called Where’s the Party?, which depicts footage from a 1979 show intertwined with a 2012 reunion show and interviews with the original members, all grown up. –Michelle Kirk (Burger, [email protected],