PSYCHOSIS, LOS: Rock and Roll Dreams: LP

Jan 21, 2022

Did a quick bit of digging and found them described as a “Memphis-based Latinx psychobilly band,” which I guess fits well enough, but even a cursory listen demonstrates there’s a bit more going on. Weaving through the reverbed and delayed guitars are strains of exotica, death rock, norteño, psychedelia, and other influences that no doubt will result in outraged howls from purists but ultimately make this much more of a hoot. Hell, if anything, I’d love to hear ’em stretch further, pollute the waters even more, and really strive for a seriously “psychotic” sound to complement that band name. As it stands, this is a really good listen, one decidedly much better than the legions of same-ol’ Meteors retreads that have too long proliferated. –Jimmy Alvarado (Black And Wyatt,

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