PSYCHIC TEENS: “Everything” b/w “Nerve”: 7”

Aug 25, 2016

This is one of two 7” singles from Philadelphia’s trio of morose musicians’ full length, Nerve. The best word I can use to describe them is “haunting.” On first listen, the A side took a little while to warm up to me. It’s droning and repetitive, with gritty bass and sharp guitar, and the vocals sort of drag on. However, the last third of the song really comes into its own and pulls out a real catchy melody. On the flip side there is an exclusive track that could easily be on the soundtrack of a David Lynch film. Guest vocals from Miranda Taylor really lift this track into the realm of trance-like, and are a refreshing dichotomy to the monotone of Psychic Teens’ vocalist. It manages to be pretty and gloomy at the same time. –Kayla Greet (SRA, [email protected])