PSCIENCE: Untitled: LP

Sep 26, 2019

There’s always been something about the South. There’s a vein that runs through Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana et al. of fucked-up punk aliens. Pscience share members with Buck Billoxi, Black Abba, and a number of other fucked-up no-marks. It’s like the Lost Sounds mating with old school ’70s new wave. Go look up the Red Squares or Métal Urbain. Femme-driven psychosis. Deranged as fuck. Drug music. If you ever fucked with Jay Reatard or Total Punk Records, I would suggest getting involved in this. It’s weird as fuck and the jams burrow into your brain. I got the curtains shut, psychedelics on deck, and we are going in. Mandatory. See you in space. –Tim Brooks (Space Taker,