PROTRUDERS: Untucked in Nuntucket: CS

Jan 18, 2017

The backside of this tape kills. The whole side is one long experimental track with three distinct parts. It begins with a seemingly cyclical drumbeat with various noise accompaniments throughout, and continues with it for a good while before transforming into a cover of Electric Eels’ “Agitated,” and then returns to single-instrument weirdness courtesy of the bass. The front side of the tape has traditionally structured songs. The first one has some Meatmen-esque metal riffage before it evolves into noisy weirdo punk cacophony and then returns to the riffage. The rest of the songs on the front stick to noisy punk sensibilities. The stuff on the front is good, too, but I want more of the shit on the back. Looking forward to what comes next. –Vincent (Kiss The Void / Joe’s No Frills, [email protected])

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