PROTO IDIOT: Leisure Opportunity: CD

Mar 20, 2018

The opening track is weird enough to grab my attention. There are full stops that deliver super awkward notes that make no sense. It’s clear they’re having fun and aren’t afraid to get ridiculous while divulging into thought-out song structures that switch from fuzzy to clean abruptly. There are a variety of styles from one song to the next (and sometimes during the same song) that keeps me guessing and giggling at times. Two singers offset each other in interesting ways. I like this kind of ADD mashup style, but sometimes there’s such a cool section of a song that only happens once which I wish was expanded on. The second half of the record stays a longer-on-each-song idea which is a good counter to the unstructured first half, but again, the contrast keeps it fresh. –Sal Go (Slovenly,