Nov 22, 2017

It took me about five listens to get into Propagandhi’s latest album. Then I read a news article that got me pissed off and I cranked this album of twelve songs up loud. I realized that despite the lack of pissed-off vocals from bassist Todd Kowalski (whose guttural yells on past albums gave a sense of urgency to the music), vocalist/guitarist Chris Hannah still retains a subtle anger in his voice. The difference is that it’s not beating anyone over the head here. The riffs are as intense as past albums on songs such as “Comply/Resist” and “In Flagrante Delicto.” There’s still righteous frustration over these thirty-seven minutes but it’s also tinged with a sense of resignation that maybe shit won’t ever change and what’s the point? It’s something I’ve been thinking about more and realized that the importance of life is found in our individual relationships and helping people. Systems may not fall and maybe we may not all be famous. However, it’s lives lived in dignity and that contribute to those around one’s self that can mean more than anything. Propagandhi can be assured that their lyrics and stance on important political and social issues of our times have shown their dignity, contributed happiness to many lives, and caused some of us to change how we view issues. And the songs also rock, so there’s that. –Kurt Morris (Epitaph,