PROOF I EXIST #35, $2, 4” x 5 ¼”, copied, 62 pgs.

Sep 16, 2021

Billy McCall is a zine veteran who’s produced quality material for over a decade. He’s has a zine series, Last Night at the Casino, about working in a casino as a dealer and covered all sorts of other stuff. All of it’s been a pleasure to read over the years. His most regular title is Proof I Exist and this time he makes a departure from the usual perzine subject matter to make a collage about the pandemic. Taking headlines, advertisements, and social media tweets and using one per page with a date, he shows the stages of the virus’s spread and its impact on our lives and culture. Seeing it all unfold gives a disturbing look at it all in hindsight, making for a compelling piece of art. It’s no less disturbing reading a headline like “Lysol Maker, Officials Reject Trump’s Disinfectant Idea” than it was on April 24, 2020. Reading “Customers Shot 2 McDonald’s Employees After Being Asked to Leave Due to Coronavirus Restrictions” above the date of May 6, 2020 is even more stressful, because in the onslaught of tragic news, I either forgot this story or overlooked it, taking in other horrors. It’s a serious, relevant piece of art. You have to admire Billy for having the foresight to collect all this stuff while some of us were getting shitfaced alone, staring at the wall, vigorously masturbating, and scrubbing the grout from the bathroom tiles with our roommate’s toothbrush. –Craven Rock ([email protected])