PROOF I EXIST #26, $4, 4” x 5½”, copied, 94 pgs.

Jan 18, 2017

Billy’s latest issue of Proof I Exist is a recounting of the tour his band, Rudest Priest, did from Albuquerque to New York City and back. It was a two-week journey that consisted of house shows, visits to family and friends, and the band getting some of their stuff stolen. Along the way were a lot of what you might expect on tour: some bad bands, some excellent ones, bonding with fellow band-mates (whom Billy introduces us to throughout the zine), and adventures to stores and local sights. There’s a lot of content in this zine so it would’ve been tough to go in-depth in some of the scenes, but I felt as though sometimes I wanted Billy to get into more of what he was seeing and feeling instead of just a run-down of events. Perhaps focusing in on a few specific stories instead of trying to cover every event would’ve enabled him to do so. That being said, I always enjoy tour zines and this was no exception to that. Whether the band is well-known or just playing house shows, I always like reading of such adventures because I love traveling and enjoyed the times I’ve been on tour. Billy’s decision to introduce us to his fellow band members was a good idea and something that too many tour zines fail to do. All in all, it’s a solid read. –Kurt Morris (Billy, 432 Manzano NE, Apt. B, Albuquerque, NM 87108)