PRODUCE, A: The Clearing: CD

May 15, 2023

A Produce was the name used by the late Barry Craig, guitarist for 1980s L.A. post-punk band Afterimage, for his solo forays into what later became “trance music.” This reissue is of an album he originally self-released in 1988. The music it contains is a glorious hodgepodge of picturesque electronic soundscapes; hypnotic drones; rhythmic instrumentals and dark post-punk tunes that would’ve easily fit into the oeuvre of a band like Abecedarians. For this release, Independent Project has added three additional tunes from obscure cassette compilations that haven’t been available since the early ’80s and wrapped it all up in the exquisite packaging that has long been the trademark of the label’s releases. Fucking gorgeous, this is. –Jimmy Alvarado (Independent Project)

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