PRIVATE SCHOOL: Lost in Action: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

Another day, another lost Canadian punk rock classic. That seems to be the motto at Supreme Echo. Here we have Vancouver’s Private School. Starting in 1978, the band featured Dave Gregg on guitar (who would later join DOA) and quite simply put, were stunning. Morphing from art school jam sessions to one of the best punk bands in a city that has contemporaries such as The Subhumans and DOA is no small feat, Private School played in a vein not unlike a more rock’n’roll Pointed Sticks (Private School’s original bassist Tony Bardach went on to play in Pointed Sticks) with saxophone and violin (?!) in the mix. Why this band is not normally listed among the other Vancouver heavy hitters of the era is beyond me. The original five-song EP has been restored and sounds amazing (and there is also a bonus flexi included with two more tracks). Come get your history lesson! –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo,