PRIVATE ROOM: “Life Com” b/w “Gourmet Pez”: 7”

Aug 25, 2016

Remember Walls? This is what they’re doing now. Is it as good as Walls? No, it’s better. They still bring aggression, noise, and fury, but Private Room leans more towards the hardcore punk end of the spectrum—the vocals even have a slight youth crew revival bent. “Life Com” is an original, which, after reading the lyrics, appears to be about smartphone/social media dependency. A definite ripper. The backside is a cover of Man Is The Bastard. Not only does Private Room do MITB justice, they may even show them up. This 7” appears to a teaser for a forthcoming full-length. Again, this features most of Walls and is on Iron Lung. You know what you’d be getting yourself into if ya pick this one up: good stuff. –Vincent (Iron Lung)