Hot on the heels of their Demos & Rarities and Demos & Rarities Vol. 2 cassettes, this album envinylizes 11/13ths of Demos & Rarities and 4/9ths of Demos & Rarities Vol. 2, which gets you 15/22nds off the hook if you missed the boat on the cassettes. So, for a band that released one actual album, and that over two decades ago, they’re certainly getting their money’s worth out of the backstock. And, given this wealth of recent opportunities to re-acquaint myself with their oeuvre, I’m thinking that this was a pretty undervalued group back in the day. They rock like a cross between Joan Jett if Joan Jett didn’t come across as such a dispassionate automaton and a much less style-subservient Pandoras, which is different than what I said they sounded like when I reviewed the cassettes but now my tastes are much more acute and my palette more refined and I’m sure I have it right this time. Energy! Harmony! Volume! All this and “Teenage Dicks,” too! None can ask fairer than that! BEST SONG: “Outta Style.” BEST SONG TITLE: Besides “Teenage Dicks?” Who cares? FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: A guy on the back cover looks like my junior high school principal. –Rev. Nørb (Girlsville)