PRISSTEENS, THE: Demos & Rarities, Vol. 2: CS

Nov 26, 2018

Second verse, same as the first—but this time, even rawer sounding. You may question my standing as a red-blooded American boy over this statement, but what I like the most about this band is Mighty Joe Vincent’s drumming. I love the way the guy’s cymbals sound! His drumming sounds like Coke® used to taste when it came in the sixteen ounce glass returnable bottles and you drank about a quarter of it and put a stopper in the bottle and put it back in the fridge and then came back later and drank the rest when the temperature and carbonation were at their precisely most perfect levels, and it doesn’t come like that anymore, so you gotta make do. These sessions go from sounding more or less like the last sessions to sounding like something with multiple toes in the Billy Childish gene pool, so, for pete’s sake, don’t jump off board now! Plus, come on, admit it—everyone’s thought about doing “Teenage Kicks” as “Teenage Dicks” at some point in their life, but The Prissteens actually did it! No further questions, your honor. BEST SONG: “Staten Island Queen.” BEST SONG TITLE: I suppose “I’m a Mess?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Cover photo by Mick Rock, who was once David Bowie’s official photographer. –Rev. Nørb (Girlsville)