PRIMAL AGE: Masked Enemy: CD

Sep 16, 2021

France’s Primal Age are a bit hard to peg down precisely in terms of their sound, and my digging around the Hardcore Cares website revealed that Primal Age are pigeon-holed as “edge metal hardcore.” That’s fine enough, I guess. To me Primal Age straddle the line between crusty hardcore and death metal-y stuff with lyrical content about animal rights and the evils of consumerism. Their entry in the Encyclopaedia Metallum describes them as metalcore, so I guess my description of them is closer to hitting the mark than not. Regardless of what description is most appropriate (I’m doubling down on my crusty hardcore/death metal-y claim), this very much hits the mark for me. If you’re into sounds such as this, this is recommended. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Bound By Modern Age)

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