PRESSING ON: No Defeat No Capitulation: 12”

Aug 25, 2016

Fuck! I’m trying to review this, but I keep flipping over my kitchen table and slam-dancing when a new song starts! Pressing On are gnarly looking older dudes who get right to the point with eight songs of marauding hardcore. From the lyrics to the riffs to the song lengths, everything is streamlined for maximum impact. I think those are d-beat drums, and some of it reminds me of Deathreat or Copout. Pressing On are from Portland and feature members of Talk Is Poison, From Ashes Rise, and Raw Nerve. If you like those bands, or feel like rearranging your apartment, you’d be a fool not to throw this on. This is a remastered, vinyl version of their recent cassette. –Chris Terry (Deranged,