PREDATOR: Spiral Unfolds: LP

Sep 16, 2021

Apparently it’s been a decade since their debut LP on Douchemaster, and Predator can still crank it out! The tempo may be a little slower, giving the songs more time to breath, but it’s still deranged Southeast garage punk. Kind of like a zero-wacky version of the second Wax Museums LP. The fadeout on “Ripped Jeans” feels particularly unsettling only to sequence into “Reoccurring Faces” which lyrically kicks off with the lines: “I look for future in the past / I believe in fire and I’m not alone.” Chug the beer, throw the empty bottle at the wall, and kick that volume knob in the neck. Atlanta is up to no good and I’m ready to ride the ride. –Daryl (Total Punk)