Jan 31, 2018

Prayer Breakfast was a Bloomington, Ind., supergroup comprised of members of Memory Map, Mt. Gigantic, Vollmar, Sleeping Bag, and Mike Adams At His Honest Weight. This EP was recorded in 2012 but released in 2017. It’s got a slacker vibe while not sounding like Pavement. Instead it’s uplifting, such as on “I Don’t Need That Anymore.” Singer Mike Dixon shares things he doesn’t need and then breaks into a warm refrain of, “I’m moving on / I’m feeling strong.” It’s the gentle, indie rock way of saying “Fuck you!” Other songs continue an indie emo sound from the 1990s displaying more attitude and spunk than their 2014 release Family Business, which was at times sadder and reflective. These four songs and fifteen minutes of music are hardly enough. I loved Family Business, but Business as Usual is even better. Get back together, guys! Record, tour, and take this thing full time! I’ll come to your Boston show! –Kurt Morris (Flannelgraph,