POSTAGE: Self-titled: LP

Jan 21, 2022

The blurb accompanying this states “mid-tempo, loud, abrasive, melodic pop punk for fans of Leatherface and ALL.” Naming those two legendary groups is quite a high bar for any band to contend with. However, I’m able to confirm that as a fan of both bands this record is definitely for me. It’s a weird record because there’s nothing new here in terms of overall style—in fact it’s got a dated feel to it—but in a way that doesn’t come across as rehashing anything. What Postage does is knock out quality tuneage in a warm and fuzzy way, making me feel at home almost immediately with the songs and the sound. Musically, it reminds me a bit of a slightly more manic Dan Webb And The Spiders, definitely a positive to me. The lyrics are good too, all topped off by “Just be my PJ Soles and I’ll be your Ramones” in “80-85,” easily my favorite track on this album. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking here but Postage is still an outstanding album. –Rich Cocksedge (Dirt Cult, [email protected],