This CD contains some nice jangly pop resembling late-era Replacements. “Out of My Head” is a bouncy number. “Blue” has a bit of R.E.M. reverb strum. “Fade Away” moves at a faster pace with a nice keyboard riff underlining the melody. The song goes on to feature a twangy guitar solo that explores the themes of the verse. I hate to rely on these types of comparisons, but R.E.M. is a good indicator. This band works on a similar level. It’s not something I would seek out, but it’s inoffensive pop and well done. If I listened to it a bunch of times, I would probably develop a favorite song. They’ve written an album with thoughtful songs featuring varying speeds and riffs so you can tell the songs apart from one another. This is their first release; to me it’s a good start. –Billups Allen (Self-released)