POISON BOYS: Out of My Head: LP

You’d have to be either really young or really stupid to think that “Poison Boys” was a good name for your band. I guess I always thought the Poison Girls had a good name, but that was forty years ago, plus there’s sort of a pun in there where it sounds like you’re saying “boys and girls,” right? “Poison Boys” just sounds like you’re saying “boys and boys,” which is—oh, let’s just skip it, we’ll assume they’re too young to know better and move on. If you think a band named “Poison Boys” with a logo that looks kinda like lipstick or graffiti sounds right up your alley, they probably are. If you’re wondering whether or not they bring anything new and/or interesting to the obvious Johnny Thunders/Exploding Hearts clichés, or if they wield said clichés so astonishingly well that their godlike majesty renders bringing anything new to the mix irrelevant, they don’t. This record sounds exactly like you would think it would sound if you looked at the cover. For further insight, I suggest you kindly go look at the cover. BEST SONG: “Slow Down.” Hey, if you don’t want your Larry Williams cover to be listed as the album’s best song, don’t put it second. BEST SONG TITLE: “I Won’t Look Back.” Not really, but I thought I should mention they also did a song off the second Dead Boys album. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: George Harrison’s lead in the Beatles version of “Slow Down” is possibly my favorite guitar lead of all time, so credit where credit is due for a reasonably legit simulation. –Rev. Nørb (Dead Beat, dead-beat-records.com)