POISON BOYS: Don’t You Turn On Me: LP

Jan 27, 2023

I wasn’t terribly into this band’s first album—my standing theory is that if you love Prima Donna, you’ll like the Poison Boys—but, that said, I think they’re fairly decent for what they do. They have kind of a cartoon mid-’70s glam rock’n’roll meets Johnny Thunders (as filtered thru the Exploding Hearts) thing going on, and I think this time around they’re capable of bringing a bit more to the table than mere imitation (“mere imitation” essentially being the order of the day on the first record). A few of these songs are pretty cool; most of them are decent although I’d just as soon not bother reading the lyrics. Are the Poison Boys a Hollywood Brats who just haven’t found their “Chez Marie” or “Sick On You” yet, or are they just a bunch of dorks who think they’re special because they own Hanoi Rocks posters? I’d rather listen to the Poison Boys than someone like, say, Enuff Z’Nuff or someone, but I’m not sure what that’s worth on the open market. But, all this ambivalence aside, if you’ve ever wondered what Kiss would have sounded like if they had done a song called “Dick in the Dirt,” now’s your big chance. BEST SONG: “Living on the Edge of the Knife.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Little Speedway Girl.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “WARNING: Copyright subsists in all Poison Boys recordings.” –Rev. Nørb (Riot, Goldenrobotrecords.com/riot-records)

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