Sep 22, 2016

Good hardcore. I will be honest that I was a little skeptical when I saw the N.Y.H.C. on the front. I was expecting something more on the growly and fighty end of the spectrum. In reality, it was all clear vocals and hard-driving songs. Reminds me of a couple of my all-time favorite New York hardcore bands: Murphy’s Law and Anthrax. Now wait, before you go, “Ty, you hate metal. Did you actually just name check Anthrax?” I will stop you. Yes, I did, and yes I consider them to be every bit as much a hardcore or thrash band as I do a metal band. Those dudes skated—and were down with the punks and the hip hop community as well and the metalheads… Anyways, enough about Anthrax. Point Blank are rad! In my mind, hardcore doesn’t have to be cartoonish and over the top, just focused and good. Like these dudes! –Ty Stranglehold (Not Like You)

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