PMS 84: Easy Way Out: LP

Sep 17, 2018

Aggressive-as-fuck hardcore punk. The record starts out somewhat quiet and atmospheric on the first track. Then by track two all hell breaks loose. Were I to judge the band by their aesthetics, I’d have guessed they were an English oi band from thirty years ago. Instead, we’ve got a current day political hardcore band from Portland, Ore. Their stuff is heavy, fast, and fierce. And wouldn’t you know it, they cover a bunch of topics that tend to make the world a shitty place: Gaza, Nazis, police corruption, class war. Sometimes screaming about those things is all we can do. PMS 84’s bass lines are robust, vocals are cord shredding, guitar is swift and melodic, and the drums are fast and cymbal/snare focused. This band comes out the gates swinging and are a perfect listen next time you want to rage. –Kayla Greet (Black Water)