Plus 1 Atlanta: Concert Ephemera from a Storied Metropolis 1962-2003 Edited by Henry Owings, 215 pgs.

Sep 22, 2022

A few months back, I was dazzled by Plus 1 Athens, thee Henry Owings of Chunklet’s first installment in what has gone on to be a continuing series dedicated to show flyers from specific towns. Here, Henry ups the already considerable ante in Plus 1 Atlanta, sifting through fifty years (!) of show flyers, ticket stubs, and handbills and reproducing the best ones here, with detailed information for each one.

There’s so much here that it’s hard to highlight a few pieces, such is the depth and breadth of the collection present. For me, it’s the handbills from DIY show spaces listing dozens of bands scheduled to play in a single month (wuddup, Car Vs. Driver!); for you, it might be the ticket stub for the Sex Pistols in 1978 or a flyer for a nascent RuPaul. The only quibble is a small one: I worry that I’ll crack the binding prying pages open to read show info, curiously listed close to the spine on both sides of the page rather than on the outside. Maybe I’ll have to buy a second one to keep this from happening (I’m on to you, Henry!). The promise of more Owings-curated collections like this is a great one—and it’s a challenge, I think. Every town, every scene could—should—have a book like this. Get scanning, punks! A hand-numbered edition of seven hundred. –Michael T. Fournier (Chunklet Industries,

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