Plus 1 Athens: Show Flyers from a Legendary Scene 1967-2002 Edited by Henry Owings, 154 pgs.

Jan 21, 2022

Back when Henry Owings’ zine Chunklet was still active, it would arrive at the house and preempt all other activity, what with its tiny type and high page count, whether the issue was catch-all, or themed (the “Pay to Not Play” issue, where Henry offered a list of bands money to break up was pretty good; the ‘Who Is the Biggest Asshole in Rock?’ issue feinted by putting Albini on the cover but tearing the Butthole Surfers a new one for the way they treated Corey Rusk and Touch And Go Records). Since his hilarious, acerbic top-five-of-all-time zine folded, Henry’s been busy doing graphic design for scads of different projects—including the Numero Group’s gorgeous reissues of the Unwound catalogue—and running his own label.

In this new book, as the title implies, he turns his meticulous eye to show flyers from Athens, Ga. The flyers here, reproduced in color and labeled/dated, depict the depth and breadth of a music scene typically associated only with R.E.M., Pylon, and the Elephant 6 collective. One of the best parts of sifting through scene ephemera is unexpected juxtapositions—here, R.E.M. hosts an evening marking D. Boon’s passing a few weeks after the Minutemen’s final tour with Stipe and co., Indigo Girls share a page spread with Swans, a nascent Jucifer plays in 1996. These are just the tip of this painstakingly curated iceberg. About forty hand-numbered copies of the original five hundred are left, so don’t sleep— and get in line now for the forthcoming Atlanta book. –Michael T. Fournier (Chunklet Industries,