PLRLS: Have You Seen My Fancy Pony: CD

Sep 20, 2017

Good Devo and evil B-52’s with harmonized dude and lady vocals from Baltimore, MD. A barrage of unpredictable new wave and post-punk influences, seamlessly transitioning from pop-pretty to paranoid creepiness. Organs and choppy guitars fit neatly alongside repetitive, hypnotic bass lines that sometimes accompany a call and response conversation or shouting about unicorns and hitmen. It’s fun, not pretentious. “Right Rebel” makes me want to sing along, if only I could hit those notes. Last but not least, the artsy nature of the band bleeds into their packaging—there’s a coloring book and a crayon included! Only one color, but red is my favorite anyway. It really feels like they care. –Sal Go (