PLRLS: Curses: 12”LP

Jul 21, 2023

PLRLS, pronounced as “Plurals,” has an early B-52’s with a smidgen of Le Tigre vibe. All good, right? The first two songs slip by but the third song on Side A, “Miscellanea,” is frickin’ amazing, with dueling guitars and throbbing bass. It’s just a solid dance punk jam. I’m sold. This is followed up with “No Cure for Us” that dives back into Le Tigre territory, super shouty and vibrant. Side 2, again, returns to surfy B-52’s with ”Return to Light” and it’s almost operatic; fun, dancey, with overlying, weaving melodies. I would have not otherwise heard of this band, neither have you. So now you do. –Camylle R. (Ashtray Monument)

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