PLEDGE DRIVE: Second Impressions: CS

My inherent tendency to discount anything released on cassette simply by virtue of its having been released on cassette was thwarted by these six songs from this Chicago six-piece. So much for my boundless integrity! They kinda sound like what would happen if four-fifths of X-Ray Spex joined forces with two-fifths of the Mekons (when the Mekons were still somewhat normal), but with Roxy Epoxy singing instead of Poly Styrene—i.e., like a cross between second wave 1978 punk and first wave 1979 post-punk, but from Chicago. And, unlike other leading sextets with saxophone and keyboard players (admittedly I can only think of the Psychedelic Furs right at this second but that example should suffice), I wouldn’t imagine that they are under the impression that they are scrawling darkly inspirational blank verse across the filthy dinge of urban existence; they seem more like they are out to basically amuse themselves, which certainly works for me. I was particularly amused by “Pyramid Scheme,” as the guy who had the locker next to me in high school is a total right-wing nut job and also an Herbalife zillionaire. I don’t have his money but I do have this song, so I’m calling it even and I thank the band for having my back. More please! BEST SONG: “Pyramid Scheme.” BEST SONG TITLE: Either “(I Get My) Protein” or “I Googled Your Boyfriend.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “I Googled Your Boyfriend” and “Identity Theft” are transposed in the track listings. –Rev. Nørb (What’s For Breakfast,