Mar 19, 2024

So, Jimmy Alvarado’s review of this record in ish #138 tags The Pleasure Dome as “noise rock, emphasis on the latter,” and generally I agree with the sage Mr. Alvarado. The band tags themselves as grunge rock/punk, and that works well enough, too. In a lot of ways, though, this record is noisy alt-rock of a sort often heard and easily understood and appreciated, but The Pleasure Dome deviate from that blueprint in subtle and inventive ways, at times a bit poppy, at times quiet and melancholy, and at times a touch weird and angular. So, let’s conclude by offering you all a hybrid point of reference that may only make sense to me: Brave New World meets Cool Jerks. Final word: well worth my time. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Hound Gawd!)

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