PLEASURE CENTER: Pity in Jangle City: LP

Nov 20, 2023

Are you up on So I Married An Axe Murderer? It’s an underrated ’90s rom-com, starring Mike Myers fresh off his role in Wayne’s World. Not only is Axe Murderer an endlessly quotable flick, its soundtrack is chock full of bright, Gen X power pop with harmonies and deliciously crunchy guitars. I bring up this thirty-year-old used-bin staple to say that, with Pleasure Center’s tasteful tambourine hits and melodic guitar leads, any of the ten songs on their LP would fit nicely on that tracklist. This St. Louis band’s vocalist Nichole has a sighing, Evan Dando-ish croon with just a hint of scratch to it, and her voice adds a nice melancholy warmth to their music. Pity in Jangle City sounds like fall: crisp beers and leaves, waving goodbye to summer, zipping your jacket for the first time…. –Chris Terry (Do What?)

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