PLEASED YOUTH: The Doomsday Album: LP

Dec 03, 2020

Vinyl reissue of a demo by the band Pleased Youth from New Brunswick, N.J. whose short life was probably due to the borrowing of frontman Dave Scott from Adrenalin O.D. who enjoyed much more success with the latter band. These guys definitely gave it their all on the demo—which combines the best (and worst) parts of the early ’80s East Coast hardcore sounds—focusing mainly on DC and NY. I hate to agree with someone like Fat Mike who once said that during the mid-’80s punk and hardcore was “getting faster but not getting any better,” but that’s exactly what’s going on here. Their songs are pieced together from the slivers and shards of the early ’80s greats but without the effectiveness, making this record and band pretty forgettable despite their best efforts. –Juan Espinosa (Beer City,