PLEA FOR PEACE, #4, $1, 8½” x 5½”, 8 pgs.

May 24, 2022

With the subtitle “The School Kids!,” Plea for Peace zine appears to have been made by elementary school kids, complete with sometimes illegible juvenile scrawl, simple line drawings, and potty-mouthed playground humor. In this zine—two pages stapled together—Emma, Connor, Will, Ann, Clayton, and more offer their opinions on a range of subjects, which include child slavery (“Slavery is wrong.” –Connor), homosexuality (“Being gay is great because boobs.” –Emma), and recess (“6th graders should not have it.” –Connor”). There are random “naughty” words scattered throughout (“deez nuts,” “balls,” “pussay”). Moments of seriousness are offered by Courtney, who illustrated phrases “Food Not Bombs” and “Plea for Peace” with a hand gripping a carrot and a bomb dropping, respectively. But, by and large, Plea for Peace reads like something snickering schoolkids pass among themselves in the classroom when the teacher’s back is turned. –Gina Murrell (No address listed)

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