Nov 22, 2017

The incredible Pittsburgh pop punk band Playoff Beard finally releases its first full-length after eight years and several member changes. Comprised of past and present members of other subgenre-spanning bands including Tommy Gutless, Radio Beats, The Shutouts, and Lansbury, Playoff Beard gelled into a truly inspired, mind numbingly good lineup. With the band somewhat eschewing the more overtly political lyrical stylings of their early material, this LP focuses instead on personal musings regarding the concept of fun. Definitively melodic, yet with stellar gruff vocals, Playoff Beard is the ultimate reimagining of 1990s pop punk. This LP is an absolute must for anyone into that undeniably magical musical form. It’s on beautiful colored vinyl, with a cool printed lyric sheet included, too. Don’t miss out on Playoff Beard. They’re a personal favorite, and I guarantee you’ll adore this LP. –Art Ettinger (Between The Days,