Jan 18, 2017

The latest album (in over six years) from Planes Mistaken For Stars is a burner, man. It’s a goddamn spark that shows that not only are PMFS back, but they’re putting out some of the best music they’ve ever created. While I first fell in love with the band right about the time they formed in the late 1990s, their material after their departure from Deep Elm in the early 2000s got harrier, rougher, and darker. Gared O’Donnell’s vocals started sounding like he was smoking a lot of cigarettes but now things seem a little cleaner—both O’Donnell’s vocals and the band’s sound. Yet it still retains a hard sound, full-on, with aggression. There’s one acoustic tune (“Black Rabbit”) but, all in all, these ten songs show the band rocking in the shadows. They’re never going to be the biggest thing, but they’re sure to enthrall their cult following, and hopefully gain some new fans along the way. –Kurt Morris (Deathwish,