PLAN NINE: I Ain’t No Robot: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

Jason at Supreme Echo Records must be running himself ragged. It seems like over the course of the last year I have picking up amazing archival releases of lost Canadian punk gems for almost every review cycle. That is a lot of releases and a lot of lost music. Much respect for taking on such a crucial task. This time around we have another band I have never heard of before. Plan Nine from Calgary, Alberta circa 1980. The band released this single itself in a small number. It quickly faded away and is incredibly rare now. This release has the original four songs along with two demo tracks from 1982 and they all sound amazing. At that point in time, especially in rural Canada, punk did not have a definition or even a preconceived idea of what it was supposed to be. It was kids making it up as they went along. Plan Nine liked the Sex Pistols and The Jam and ended creating something more akin to The Wipers with hints of Devo and Modern Lovers in the mix. This is an amazing record! As usual, it is also accompanied with a comprehensive booklet that tells the history from the band’s point of view as well as some photos, and a great story about the band’s experiences playing pow wows on the neighboring Blood Reservation. It is starting to become shocking how many really great Canadian punk bands were out there in the early days that never really got their due. It is clear that Supreme Echo is out there trying to change that for everyone. Check this out! –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo,

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