PLACES I’VE LEFT MY MOM #1, $15.99, 5” x 8”, POD, 24 pgs.

Jul 21, 2023

As the title implies, this is about the author creatively grieving the loss of her mother to leukemia. She explains that she and her mother traveled frequently, so she’s continuing that tradition, leaving some of her mom in a variety of places along the way and documenting each with a gorgeous, whimsical line drawing. Some of the drawings are black and white, others have spot colors. Among the places she’s left her mom are a pub in Ireland, Mount Vesuvius, behind the Hollywood sign, and Balanced Rock in the Garden of the Gods. I love that she doesn’t really specify how she leaves her mom in these places. The easy assumption is that she drops some ashes, but for all the reader knows it could have been a picture, a note, a memory, words whispered into the air; none of which are more or less valid than the next. This is such a beautiful way to mourn someone and I appreciate Danna sharing it. –Emma Alice Johnson (