PIZZASAURUS REX: Travelling Today on Yesterday’s Maps: CS

May 23, 2018

I never had the pleasure to cross paths with Barker Gee, but his loss was felt hard by an awful lot of people I care about—and by all accounts, he was a righteous dude. He was also in this here band Pizzasaurus Rex, whom I believed would be a jokey type of band based on the name. It’s not. The music here is beautiful and heartfelt. They manage to find that sweet spot between The Doughboys and Tiltwheel and call it their own. Or is it between Dinosaur Jr and Tenement? Or all of the above? These songs were recorded in 2006, but this cassette has been released now as a benefit to raise money for the Barker Gee Scholarship Fund so head on over to the Bandcamp site and pick it up. –Ty Stranglehold (Pizzasaurus Rex,