PISSWATER PREACHERS: Homebacked Methblack Magick: CD

May 23, 2018

Pisswater Preachers are a no-wave rock group from Cincinnati that released its debut album late last year. The rambling, folky harmonica and vocals in “Pensacola Stomp” are eventually overshadowed by a series of noise effects, laying the foundation for the tone of the album. “Schizophrenic Love Affair” takes these bizarre vocals to its most disorienting, while tracks like “Bad Trip” stress the punk side of its sound. The record’s closing tracks, “Meth Whore” and “Fuck a Scientist,” are the record’s least vocal, most jazz- and free-form-influenced tracks. Generally, this album delivers what the title implies—grubby and disorienting songs soaked in a sort of southern sound. The vocals are off-putting, and the instrumentation is dissonant. The lyrics were obscured to the point of total incoherence most of the time, solely expressing the primal lunacy of the singer. Though self-indulgent at times, the project comes together into a rowdy and entertaining listen for those interested in something offbeat and noisy. I enjoyed it, but it certainly isn’t for everyone –Anna Farr

(Octomatic Metamorph, octomaticmetamorph.bandcamp.com)