PISSIN’ COMETS: Up for Stealing / Meant for Healing: CS

When I heard Tenement’s Napalm Dream, the first thing that popped into my head was, “Wow! They accomplished what Period Three was trying to do.” That being said, I listen to my Period Three CD-R significantly more than Napalm Dream, even though I consider it a modern masterpiece! There’s just a magnetic pull to those songs in their brutal, transparent nature. This Pissin’ Comets tape has the same quality—an almost identical sense of scrappy, half-drunk self-theory. Barbaric introspection and a desire to watch the city burn from your bedroom window. If Stun Guns brought the keg and Frozen Teens tapped it, Pissin’ Comets are who I want to be seeing play while I drink my beer. –Daryl (Self-released)