PISSE: Kohlrübenwinter: 7”

May 23, 2017

German weirdo lo-fi synth-punk. The first three songs cruise along nicely to the tune of the Coneheads worshipping Kraut rock and the Screamers instead of Devo. The fourth and final song is not as easily digestible, as it sounds like a bubble gum ballad with a misplaced theremin and strange Tiny Tim-esque high pitched vocals. Three out of four ain’t bad at all, so I’m curious to see where, if anywhere, they go from here. A word of advice: your band’s name should probably be in a bigger font than the title of your EP if you really want people to give your band a listen. –Juan Espinosa (Harbinger Sound, harbingersound.com / In A Car, inacar.bigcartel.com)


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