PINNED IN PLACE: Rubbernecking at the Gates of Hell: CS

Jul 25, 2018

This past March I got laid off from the job I hated and decided to follow two Razorcake-affiliated bands around the Northwest on their tour—always a great decision. That was Marriage Material and Pinned In Place, of which Sean Arenas is in both, and Daryl Gussin in the former. I absolutely loved Pinned’s last full length Ghostwritten By... from which “Radium Girls” is a personal favorite. Though I’d only listened to this follow-up once before committing to seeing them four nights in a row, I was endeared to it quickly. After the first night I was walking around with choruses of “Codependence Day” on loop in my head. Or waking up to “Linkedin with a Vampire” on repeat in my subconscious. Sean’s voice and lyrics are what hooked me, then the melodies and start-stop-start pacing of the music is what reeled me in, with time signature breaks that keep you on your toes, heavy driven bass, and super fucking pretty vocals. The songs are introspective, thoughtful, pensive, and honest. On top of all those accolades, they’re also super fucking catchy and their drummer Nate Torres is like a loose locomotive pummeling forward. I suppose musically it could come right alongside (early) emo and indie, but it’s also sort of post-punk, and really mathy. Ironically, Pinned In Place is anything but. –Kayla Greet (Reflective Tapes)