PINK STEEL: Here We Go Again: 7”

Seeing how Supreme Echo is located in Victoria, BC Canada, it is of little surprise that they have done a lot to archive the history of punk rock in this city. When people tell the story of punk in Victoria, you hear about NoMeansNo, Dayglo Abortions, and Neos, but you rarely hear about Pink Steel… Until now. Pink Steel formed out of a drama class at a local high school in 1978. It was the same school that would produce The Infamous Scientists (in fact they played lunch hour shows together at the school on more than one occasion). It was time when “punk rock” could mean pretty much anything. There were seven members in the band and you better believe there was more than one moustache in the mix. The thing is—with that freedom from limitations—the band created some damn great songs. How this didn’t get out there with the other bigger name bands in the city at the time is beyond me, but it is out there now with the usual quality that we’ve come to expect from the label. Great sound, great packaging, and a great booklet telling the tale of another forgotten band that needs to be heard. Everyone needs a seven-inch dose of Pink Steel! –Ty Stranglehold (Supreme Echo,